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Johnson Financial Group Autograph Booth - Jamie Milam and Myles Stoesz

Wilson Creek Elementary School in Duluth

Macys Center in Duluth



Community Mission Statement

“WE LIVE HERE ... WE PLAY HERE"... These are words that the Gladiators often speak when describing our local Community. We strive to contribute to the growth, enjoyment, and education of our fans and their families through our participation in local events and our outreach programs.

In our four Seasons here in Gwinnett County, the Gladiators have been able to participate in hundreds of activities … educational … recreational business networking … or fund raising. Our Players, Front Office Staff, and Maximus have visited countless Organizations, sharing their vision of “why it’s important to be a good neighbor.”

SCHOOLS: Over the years, our Ticket Sales Fund Raising Program has enabled local Schools to raise more than $50,000 for programs and materials that help keep them successful. Our “Hat Trick for Reading” Program has given thousands of Elementary and Middle School-aged Children an outlet to not only learn, but to have fun and enjoy a game night with us at the Arena. The “In the Arena” program has enabled hundreds of High School students participate in our game night operations and promotions. The underlying aspect of these programs, besides providing fun for all, is to help educate our young people, thus the moniker, “SLAP Shots,” where “SLAP” stands for “Students Learn and Prepare.”

GLADIATORS FOUNDATION FOR KIDS: since its inception, the Gladiators charitable arm has provided more than $100,000 in grants to local non- profits, Schools, and other Organizations that help make the lives of Children better. Thanks largely in part to the on-going generosity of our fans, who have given so much over the years, we are able to fund the Foundation through the annual “Jersey and Ornament Auctions,” “Fed by the Gladiators,” and other vehicles that raise money.

COMMUNITY EVENTS: Maximus, our Players, Coaching Staff, and Front Office have been able to visit local Civic and Business Organizations, Parades and Festivals, and Schools. These activities give us a “face outside of the Arena,” and in turn, help to educate our local Community about Gladiators Hockey.

GROUP TICKET SALES: Countless Church and Youth Groups, Schools Choruses and Bands, Neighborhood Associations, Business Groups, and others have taken advantage of our Group Ticket sales discounts to spend time at the Arena with us. Since day one, the Gladiators have been among the leaders in the entire ECHL in Group Ticket Sales. A night at a Gladiators game will help enhance the sense of Community we all enjoy so much.

DONATIONS: is your group or organization planning a fund raising event? Would you like to help generate some publicity for your event? The Gladiators Community Relations department will be happy to consider helping you with your mission. Call us and ask how.

THEME NIGHTS: Several annual “Theme Nights” are scheduled again this Season. We help to bring the local Business Community together with promotions like “Girls Gone Gladiator” and our Annual “Salute to the Military and Public Safety” night.

These are all things that the Gladiators Organization takes very serious. We enjoy being involved, and plan on staying involved. Does your Organization or Group have a special event planned for this Season? Will your School consider sending out your families for a Group Night? Does your favorite Non-Profit Organization need a venue to help publicize their efforts? Could your organization benefit with a Grant from the “Gladiators Foundation for Kids?”

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, all you need to do is contact Jim Hall, the Gladiators Director of Community Relations. Jim can be reached at: (770) 497-5109 or via e-mail at jhall@gwinnettgladiators.com.