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On the Road with MAXIMUS!

Now that the Gladiators season and the ECHL season has drawn to a close, Maximus the Mascot has decided to head out on the road for a little vacation time. Max has been writing the Gladiators office and asked if we could keep everyone up to date with his travels.

Getting Ready: Max Heading Out

Maximus prepares for his travels around the country and beyond. Keep following www.gwinnettgladiators.com to see where Max's travel's take him.

Today is a very bitter-sweet day. I depart for my hard earned vacation across North America. The sad part is I’m leaving and I won’t see my Gwinnett friends for about a month. I’m looking forward to relaxing and seeing a lot of the touristy sites, this is my first ever vacation in the States! I will be writing several logs to keep you all updated and ill even have pictures too! I will see you guys soon! Don’t forget to get your tickets for next season!

Bon Voyage,
Maximus the Lion

Stop 1: World of Coke, Atlanta, G.A.

Max in front of the World of Coke. Get moving Max,
you've got a bunch of places to go so get moving.

MHMM, The World of Coke was the first thing I had to stop at before I left this great State of Georgia! I went through and saw all the museums, movies, and commercial videos. Just when I thought it was over, I got the world’s worst wet wily. I walked into this room and they had these huge fountains shooting soda into your cup. Being the tall, brave lion (and might I add well defined too!) that I am, my head got in the “line of fire” and I got cherry coke all in my ear. After that refreshing incident I walked into soda heaven. I tried a plethora of sodas from all the different countries. What a great thing to do on such a hot Atlanta day! Following the soda buffet I bought a stuffed polar bear and started mapping out my second destination! I also saw some Gladiators fans in the museum and signed some autographs! Well, off I go! See you all later!

-Maximus the Lion

The Office Advice for Max: Maximus, you didn’t get too far before you stopped! The World of Coke is a very cool place with lots of fun things to see. Next time wear some ear plugs and you won’t have the Coke incident again. Try not to mess up your mapping skills and don’t forget to gas up the van! Drive safely!

Stop 2: Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Max in front of the Castle in the Magic Kingdom.
Don't expect one for yourself when you get back Max!
You've got the Arena at Gwinnett Center already!

Disney is GREAT! Now don’t get me wrong, Mickey Mouse has a nice little castle….but I bet you it doesn’t seat 11,000 people only to watch the fast and action packed game of Gladiator hockey! I got to ride the Tower of Terror yesterday, what a rush! The bad thing is I had to go to the dry cleaning department at the resort for an “emergency service”. Mickey and Minnie are doing great! They send a special hello to the members in my kids club! I don’t know where I am going next, my driver won’t tell me. It may be that I got us lost and stuck in Florida instead of pointing us north to our second destination. OOPS! See you all soon! Off to the hot tub, Swedish massages, and complimentary night time chocolates…

-Maximus the Lion

The Office Advice for Max: Hey Max! We are happy to see you are having fun in sunny Florida and out of downtown Atlanta. Our first game next season is against the Everblades, just a few miles further south. You should get a GPS system in your van! You won’t have to worry about getting lost and we won’t have to listen to your driver complain about how nuts you are! The office just isn’t the same without you. Be safe and keep us posted!

Stop 3: Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Wright Brothers First Flight

Max inspects the first marker designating the Wright Brother first flight.

Hey Gladiators fans! I’m making my way up the east coast of the United States! I stopped off in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. It was a very cool place! The only problem I had was with the name of the city! I think it should be called “Lion Hawk!” This way it doesn’t make us cats feel small! I mean, the Hawk is one of the fiercest birds of prey. How would the bird feel if it was known as “Lion Chicken, North Carolina?” That’s what I thought! Did you guys know that the first ever airplane was lifted off the ground here? The Wright Brothers spent many years trying to build an airplane that could fly and they became the “First in Flight!” I wonder if they ever tried making a lion fly? I chilled out on the beach and spent some time with the local people of this great town! See you all later!

-Maximus the Lion

The Office Advice for Max: Maximus, how is the price of gas in Kitty Hawk, NC? Did you know the name Kitty Hawk means “Goose hunting grounds?” We took some time to check up on the history of this fine city and found out that the Wright brothers never did try and make a lion fly. Maybe when you get back to the Arena you can try and learn how to fly down for the Gladiator games! Be safe Max!

Stop 4: Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

Max in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Downtown Washington, DC.

Today I visited the nation’s capital. I spent some time at all the great sites, including the Lincoln Memorial. I tried to meet the President, but the security people wouldn’t let me in. I told them that I was a close relative; the security guard replied “I can tell!” I decided to go to lunch and keep on checking out the sites. The war memorials are very interesting and are only a glimpse of the recognition the men and women deserve that served our country. I met a few soldiers and they were very nice to me, they showed me some cool sites and sounds of the city. I will see you guys later!

-Maximus the Lion

The Office Advice for Max: Hey Max! Washing DC is one of the coolest places of our country! We noticed you are pictured with the Lincoln memorial, how cool! We get your notes all the time. We wanted to let you know that we have been working very hard for the up coming sophomore season and people are getting very excited! Keep on writing!

Stop 5: Statue of Liberty, New York, NY

Uh, Max, that isn't the Statue of Liberty...
Looks like you are at a street vendor somewhere on 82nd street.

In a flash…Or rather a “New York minute” I have gotten all the way up to the big apple! What an amazing and fast-paced city! I went to the Yanks game the other night and I sat right behind Rudy Giuliani, he didn't recognize me! I met “The Donald” and told him that this year he could have me on his show and that I would be a huge help. I also saw the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, and of course…Lady Liberty. All of these sites are very cool. One of my favorite parts of New York City is Little Italy! I didn’t see Tony Soprano but I sure had a great dish of pasta! I tried to get on the Letterman show, but they said I was “Too big of an act!” I don’t know what they meant by that. Anyway, I got a chance to go upstate as well, all the way up to the hometown of Uncle Sam in Troy, New York. What a very cool place. Back in the city I also tried my chances with street vendors. I got upset when I saw the animal fur purses for sale! I also loved going to the world’s coolest toy store…FAO Schwartz! See you soon!

-Maximus the Lion

The Office Advice for Max: Hey Max, we hope you realize that is only a model of the Statue of Liberty. The real statue is on Liberty Island in New York Harbour. Anyway, We hope you are enjoying your stay! Maybe if you went on a diet you could get on the late show and then you wouldn’t be “too big of an act.” The Empire State building is very windy on the top. Be careful when you go up there, you haven’t perfected repelling yet! Keep letting us in on your adventures!

Stop 6: Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Max at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.
Don't touch the Stanely Cup Max, it's bad luck if you haven't won it!

Hey Everybody! Isn’t this a cool place to visit during the summer? I spent 2 hours looking at all the trophies from all the different hockey leagues. This place has a neat- magical feeling behind every picture and every little item on display. I got a chance to sit down with an old friend, Lord Stanley…He sends his warmest wishes and also expressed a little anxiety as he starts his day trips with the Tampa Bay Lightning. While at the Hall of Fame, I took some time to check out some of the interactive games that they have. The best one is where you are the goalie and they fire pucks on you. You have to save them and it is all virtual reality. It was a lot of fun. I did so well I thought I was going to get inducted for it! That didn’t happen! I hope all is well down in rainy Gwinnett, I miss the fans! I will see you all very soon!

-Maximus the Lion

The Office Advice for Max: Hey Max! We are glad to see you made it safely up north to Canada! Things have going well down here, we started auctioning off game-worn jerseys and people love them! We put Jimmy’s on the auction first. We have been getting a lot of phone calls about having you come out to some special events. Get your rest, you will be very busy when get back! Be safe and don’t get lost. We will see you in a few weeks!

Stop 7: Tim Hortons Donuts
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Max in Front of a famous Canadian Donut Shop.
Did you see the McKenzie Brothers?

Oh man! I went to the best Donut place I have ever been to in my whole entire Lion existence! This place is named after a former hockey player and it is in Canada. They have hot fresh donuts at all the time and they are not low in fat, low in carbs (Atkins Safe), weight watcher friendly, nor are they supported by the National Health and Wellness Organization as a good source of daily protein, but they are amazing! I got a chance to meet some very cool Canadians and they even know about us all the way down in Gwinnett County. Don’t worry, I have put in a request for these folks to come and open up a store down here! Hope you guys are all doing well in Gwinnett! I will see you guys real soon!

-Maximus the Lion

The Office Advice for Max: Hey Max! Good to hear from you again! Did you see Bob and Doug McKenzie in there scarfing down some pineapple donuts and having some coffee with triple sugar and triple cream? Don’t eat too many donuts! You will get sick and then you won’t be able to play with all your friends when you get back in town and they will be sad. Keep us informed of what you are up to and we will see you soon!

Stop 8: Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois

Max decided to take in a Cubs game in Chicago.

I can now say I went to Wrigley Field! I love that ballpark! I got to sit in the outfield over the ivy and I even caught a game ball! The fan sitting next to me said that “I was a good target for all the players at bat,” I just told him “not to be jealous and accept the fact that this lion could play ball!” Following the game I went into the clubhouse and made my cameo with the boys from Chicago. I signed bats and balls for them and told them to keep up the good work. Hopefully they will get their shot this year…or sooner than later! One of the coolest things about this field is that you can get the worlds best hot dogs outside the stadium. When I hung out with Skates, the wolf that fires up the crowd for the Chicago Wolves, he told me all the spots to get good pizza and hot dogs. It was nice to catch up with my friend! Adios!

-Maximus the Lion

The Office Advice for Max: Max, you went to Wrigley!!! We hope that was fun! We miss you here at the office. There are not half as many pranks being tested when you are gone. Are you sure that the Chicago Cubs didn’t sign autographs for you? We hope Skates is doing well, he must be tired too, after their play-off run in the AHL. Talk to you soon you big lug!

Stop 9: Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

Max in front of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Do you guys believe the size of this man made structure!?! This was so cool that I had to see if I could climb up to the top. A security guard stopped me and I tried to plea my case… I told him I was an “Olympic rock climber and that I was getting ready for Athens this August.” I don’t know why he didn’t believe me. Anyway, you guys have to come check this thing out! On top of going to this huge upside down football goalpost, I have checked out the local fare in town. I ate way too much food, again and I have been napping ever since! I wish you all could be with me, but you are all working real hard to get ready for next season! HA! See you soon!

-Maximus the Lion

Office Advice: Thanks for rubbing in your vacation time Max; we really appreciate your sincere comments! You shouldn’t be climbing on any buildings, you are a Lion and you are supposed to run, not climb! Just to let you know, that “Upside down football goal post” is actually known as the “St. Louis Gateway Arch” and it is a famous landmark in this country. Next city you go to, pick up an information sheet at the visitor center so you won’t be “confused”.

Stop 10: Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

Max on Mt. Rushmore? It will never happen!

What a fun place to check out. The carvings reminded me of Stone Mountain and that got me thinking about how I missed home. So, I decided to call the folks at Stone Mountain and see what they can do about getting my face carved into the mountain next to the horses. I really think they are going to do it too! Before visiting the mountain I saw the world’s biggest ball of twine. How exciting! It was…big (hehe). Anyway, the lady at the mountain told me it took several years to carve the faces of our past Presidents into the mountains. I noticed a chipped tooth on President Washington; I told my tour guide she should send Bill Williams from Suwanee Dental over to fix it up!

-Maximus the Lion

Office Advice: You only have 2 teeth you shouldn’t be picking on other peoples teeth! Hopefully, one day, you will be able to get your face carved into something. We don’t think that it will be Stone Mountain. You’re already on a t-shirt, which is more than most people! Do you know how many miles you have traveled yet? Have you met any female lions on your extravaganza? Keep us informed and as always…Try to stay out of trouble!

Stop 11: China Town, San Franscisco, California

Max sizing up China Town in San Franscisco

Cowabunga Gladiator Fans! I have made it to China Town and in my books; it is the year of lion! What a crazy place it is! People are always up to something and at all times of the day! I think the coolest things are the 24 hr sushi bars. They are so much fun, most especially when they serve you on these little boats that float around the bar. SUSHI TIP: That green stuff is called “Wasabi” It is not something you want to fool with. It is very hot and way too much for this lion to handle! I ate a big ball of it and it was all down hill from there. I really miss the fans back home, but I am having a whole bunch of fun. I will see you guys real soon. Go Glads!

-Maximus the Lion

Office Advice: Hey Kids, Want to know more about Max and his vacation? Just email hockey@gwinnettgladiators.comand ask away!! Make sure you put the subject as “For Maximus” and he will receive these questions when he checks his fan mail. You never know when your question will end up on the Gladiator website!

Stop 12: Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle, Washington

Hmm... what do you think the Lion ordered here?

Hey Gladiators Fans! It’s Maximus, your favorite lion! I’ve been taking a little breather and stopped of at the Fish Market in Seattle. This is a very interesting place to shop. Needless to say, there is something very fishy going on here (he he)! I have been trying new recipes for; Steel Head, Stingray, Kings’ Fish, and Ice Gator. The best way to eat these fish is after they have been “deeked” and “5-holed,” that is when they taste the absolute best. For more recipes, please check out my best friend, Gordon Fishermen. He seems to know what he is talking about. I have some great news for you guys that are following me…I’m getting ready to start my journey home! In about 2 weeks I will be back in Gwinnett for the movie “Miracle.” It will be shown on the Duluth Town Green. Come check me out and get in on all my goofy stories I can share with you! I have some very cool stops to make before I get home so don’t forget to keep up on the website! See you all very soon!

-Maximus the Lion

Office Advice: Max, we have been preparing for your homecoming for a couple of days now. We got your request list and we need to clarify some specifics. For example; the parade that you wanted that would start when you hit the Georgia border…Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Also, we can’t have the beach party in the parking lot. If you haven’t noticed, we don’t have any sand in the parking lot! Anyway, get going! We will see you soon.

PS: True Hollywood Story has turned you down…Sorry!

Stop 13: Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Don't get to close Max!

All I have to say is….Don’t try to stand on the hole where the water gushes out! It shot me about 40 feet in the air; thankfully I landed on my feet! I meet a good friend of mine at the Old Yellowstone Park! Yogi Bear just awoke from his long hibernation and is getting ready for a fun filled summer of camp raiding! He let me in on a few of his pesky tricks and I’m going to test em’ all out on the Lynx, Everblades, and Checkers next season! I had some trouble when I tried leaving the park. Big news, headlines said “6 foot Lion tries to escape Yellowstone.” I got into a huge deal with the park rangers and tried to straighten it all out. Eventually, I got the point across that I was “just visiting” and that I wasn’t an irate animal trying to get out of their park. It was a big deal for a while, but who doesn’t love the attention! Anyway, I hope all you fans at home are doing well and are getting ready for the next season. Don’t forget to get those season tickets so you can see all my goofy antics next year!

-Maximus the Lion

Office Advice: DISCLAMER: Any tricks rolled up Max’s sleeves do not reflect the opinion of this staff or its management. Please be advised that you may be part of a very funny prank which may cause major laughter to occur in your direction!

Stop 14: Deadwood, South Dakota

Max, did you know that the entire city is
listed as a Nationl Historic Landmark?

Well, this place sure isn’t like the TV show on HBO! You see that hotel there? It’s vacant! We got lost going to our next destination and stopped here for the night. Well, little did we know that it wasn’t functioning! Instead of sleeping in a warm bed and inside…I got to experience life on the streets! I slept in a sleeping bag for the night, it was scary. When I awoke the next day, there was a group of people looking down at me. Can you imagine waking up and looking up into the noses of 7 people! Not your typical “good morning.” Anyway, we got up and left real fast, it is way too small here for this furry lion! Going back to salvation.

-Maximus the Lion

Office Advice: Hey Max! We are sorry to hear about you scary situation up there. Don’t worry about it; you have been to so many nice places that this shouldn’t ruin your trip. You’re a lion, not a wimp! We have been getting your hotel bills lately…Needless to say you have a lot of explaining to do when you get back here! You need to slow down on those late night snacks!

Back Home: Max at the Ice Forum

Watch out for Max!
He's back in Gwinnett wreaking havoc!

I must say, my vacation has been absolutely wonderful. I have seen some great places in our amazing country. I have relaxed, swam, played polo, hiked trails, saw national parks, visited landmarks, and have ran into some very interesting situations. Of all the places, I am most glad to be home, in Gwinnett. I am all rested up for this season and am so ready to provide you with lots of pranks and laughter this year. I have some good things rolled high up my sleeves for you, that I have picked up from my fellow friends I visited with. I look forward to lots of fun this coming season and hope to see you all at the Gwinnett Center as we defend our Central Division Title. Now that I am back, I have been getting all kinds of great requests for my attendance. You all have to visit me on the Duluth Town Green on July 31st. We are going to watch the movie “Miracle” and have some fun. Bring a picnic lunch, I like peanut butter and Ice Gator (If you can’t find IceGator, Lynx, or Checker Bear will suffice), and come join myself, Coach Pyle, Rick Emmett, and all the Gladiators staff to see the movie. Game on Gwinnett!!!!

-Maximus the Lion

Office Advice: Thank God he is home. We won’t have to put up with those phone calls from people that have had “run-ins” with the Lion.

Keep checking www.gwinnettgladiators.com and follow Maximus on his vacation around the country and beyond!
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