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In the Arena

The Gladiators "In the Arena" Program is designed to give area High School Marketing students an inside look at everything that happens behind-the-scenes within the Gwinnett Gladiators organization. The “In the Arena” program gives these students the hands on experience of putting on a real event.

Participating schools will choose a night that will become theirs. Students in the marketing classes will be charged with promoting the night within their school and community, selling tickets, planning game night activities, scheduling participants for different game night activities, and much more.

A Gladiators staff member is assigned to each school that participates. This staff member presents his/her experiences in the business world, and assists the students in coming up with a plan for their night “In the Arena“. The participating schools will create a marketing plan. This plan will include everything from what their price point should be to maximize the amount of money they make from the night, to what the intermission activity that night will be.