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School & Organizational Fundraisers

Possibly one of the most successful programs that the Gwinnett Gladiators have introduced to North Metro Atlanta is the FUNraiser program. In the past three years, since its inception, the program has raised nearly $100,000.00 for local schools, youth athletic organizations and charities. It works, quite simply, because everyone wins.

Consider how many useless items or “discount” cards have you purchased over the years to support your child’s (or someone else’s child’s) school, youth team or charity organization? Well, we here at the Gladiators have bought them too. One day in a staff meeting, six years ago, one of us was complaining about the latest wrapping paper, submarine sandwich discount card or other item that we had been forced into buying and we decided to do something about it.

So, we created the PSP FUNrasier Program. Since that day, we’ve worked with several local schools, charities and civic organizations to build a night of fun – that raises money.

Here’s how it works...first, we sit with you and pick out a game that works best for your organization. Then, we take our normally priced $20.00 Premium Level Ticket and we allow your cause to sell it for $15.00 to whoever you want. Of course parents, families and friends are the main target, but we’ve had organizations take it to the streets as well. (For every ticket that you sell, you get to keep the amount above $10.00.) So, in other words, if a family of four buys 4 tickets to the big game – your cause will have earned $ 20.00 (minus applicable taxes.)

What makes it different, though, is that the family that purchases those tickets wins as well. Hey, everyone likes a good time with the family - and who doesn’t like having a good time with other friends and families?! Chances are, many of them were planning to come out to a Gladiators game anyway. Now, through your organization’s FUNraiser, they get to come out to the game at a discounted price AND raise money for the cause at the same time.

Think about it. The ticket buyer wins because they get a discounted ticket to a fun family night out and they raise money for a cause that is dear to them. The school, charity or civic organization wins because they get to provide a great deal on a great night of fun AND raise money in the process. And what about the Gladiators? Well, it’s true that we are selling some of our best seats for almost half price – but we can’t tell you how many new Gladiators fans that we have made through the program. Plus, the money that we help you raise for your cause makes us feel pretty good as well.

And the best part of the whole deal is that it is simple. We take care of all of the hassle. We print up the information sheets and bring them to you – all you have to do is distribute them and promote the event. From there, there are three ways it can be handled.

1. Your organization distributes information and promotes the night and then collects all of the orders. A Gladiators staff member will work with you to distribute the tickets.

2. Your organization distributes information and promotes the night and your supporters can order tickets via phone, fax or walk-in to the Gladiators office. We fill the orders. We can then mail the tickets for a postage fee or the person can pick them up in person at Will Call or at the Gladiators Office (in advance of the game.)

Community Relations3. We can set up a weblink on our website that has a special password. When your supporters order tickets, we collect the money and then distribute the tickets via Will Call on the night of the game. We can also deliver all orders to you or mail them for a postage fee. (This can also be done in tandem with Option # 2.)

We’ll also work with you to create a fun night. First of all, everyone from your organization will be seated together at the game. We’ll also welcome your group via Public Address and Videoboard announcement during the game. We can even help you to create a few fun contests that reward your best sellers. If you are looking for a fundraising opportunity, like the commercial says, this might be the biggest no-brainer in the history of Earth!

Still not convinced to give us a call and check it out? Do you need us to give you a list of some of the organization’s that we are already working with this season? No problem. We can even provide references if you need them.

  • Shiloh Point (Forsyth County) Elementary School
  • Hebron Christian School
  • Patrick Elementary School
  • Sharon (Forsyth County) Elementary School
  • Richards Middle School
  • Ocee (Fulton County) Elementary School
  • North East Georgia Ballet
  • American Cancer Society
  • VolleyFest
  • Wilson Creek Elementary School
  • Jackson Elementary School
  • Sweetwater Middle School
  • Rock Springs Elementary School
  • Suwanee Elementary School
  • Lanier Middle School
  • Sugar Hill Elementary School
  • Freeman’s Mill Elementary School
  • Prospect Christian School
  • Girl Scouts – North East Georgia Council
  • JM Tull YMCA
  • Jr. Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Settles Bridge (Forsyth County) Elementary School
  • John’s Creek (Forsyth County) Elementary School
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Boy Scouts – North East Georgia Council
  • Boy Scouts – Atlanta Council
  • Chattahoochie Elementary School
  • Atlanta Area Roller Hockey Organization
  • Cure Childhood Cancer
  • River Trail Middle School
  • Shakerag Elementary School
  • Southern Ballet Theater
  • Northeast Atlanta Ballet Theater
  • New Prospect Elementary School

It all adds up to this – a great opportunity to get the families and friends of your organization involved in a fun filled night of great Gladiators hockey and family entertainment. They get a night of fun at a good price. Your organization raises money without having to hawk goods that nobody wants or needs. And the Gladiators get to raise money and build our fan base. It’s not just a FUNDraiser…it’s a FUNraiser.

Give us a call today at 770-497-5100 or email us at
We’ll get in touch with you and help you set up a great night!