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Group FAQ's
When should I book my group outing?
In general, you should book your group outing as soon as you decide where you’d like to sit and what game you would like to attend. Our group outings are very popular, and tickets go fast.

What if I need help in making my decision?
Call a Group Sales Rep. We realize some people have never booked a group outing, so we are here to help. We want friends for life, so we’ll make sure we create the outing that fits your needs. Remember, we want you to look good to your group.

How do I pay for a group outing?
Booking a group outing with us is so easy, we can do most of the work over the phone. You’ll give us the information, and we’ll set up your event.

Where does my group park?
At many sports events, you’d pay as much as $15 per car, maybe more. We have free parking for 4,000+ cars.

Can I tailgate in your parking lot?
Yes. Absolutely.

What type of food do you offer?
The Gladiators do not allow outside food and beverage into the arena. However, we have an array of catering and food options at several price levels. Just call a Group Sales Rep and they’ll walk you through the information.

Do you have any easy fundraising opportunities?
Yes. We do quite a few fundraisers throughout the year with our group clients. It typically works by your group selling tickets to raise money for your organization or charity. Again, call a Group Sales Rep and they'll walk you through this easy process.

Click here to contact the Gladiators for more information, or contact us by calling 770-497-5100.