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Hockey Hotshots

Looking for an activity that will give your players the thrill of their season? Sign up to be the Hockey HotShots Team of the Night.* Maximus will lead the players from the tunnel as they skate behind the nearest net then around to the red line, where they will then line up in preparation for the Gladiators pre-game introduction. The team will stay lined up across the red line until immediately after the National Anthem performance, after which they will skate over and return to the tunnel entrance.
* Only one HotShots team will be allowed per Gladiators home game and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

HotShots Team Benefits:

  • Watch Warm Ups from the Bench
  • Enjoy getting ready in the locker rooms right across from the Gladiators
  • Skate on the Gladiators home ice right next to the players for the National Anthem and all pre-game ceremonies
  • Once in a lifetime picture opportunities
  • Each seat purchased includes a special set of Gladiators Hockey HotShots dogtags for players and hats for parents
  • Free parking
  • Team introduction over the PA system
  • Group members receive a 10% discount on merchandise
  • Must purchase a minimum of 20 tickets to secure a spot
Phone: 770-497-5100
Fax: 770-497-5101